Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garberville Heating

Replaced duct work in Garberville on Friday. Replaced flex duct with rigid duct. The critters were getting inside the duct, Skunks! We wrapped the duct with bubble wrap insulation, it has the same "R" value and looks a lot cleaner. The critters aren't as attracted to it. It cost me a little more money but makes for a cleaner job.
The customer also took advantage of the Free Filter Friday Special. We replaced the filter, cleaned and inspected the furnace, also replaced the thermostat with Energy Star Thermostat made by White Rodgers. It worked out well for both parties. Thank You for the business.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunny Fortuna

Fortuna Temperature
var mbar = (zxv023) * 33.8637526;
var mbar = Math.round(mbar);
var curtemp = Math.round(zxv007);
document.write('Wind chill makes it feel like '+zva019+'°FToday\'s high '+zhi007+'°F ('+zht007+')Today\'s low ' +zlo007+'°F ('+zlt007+')Dew Point '+zxv022+'°F')
Wind chill makes it feel like 47°FToday's high 55°F (1:59am)Today's low 46°F (6:52am)Dew Point 47°F
document.write('Relative Humidity '+zxv005+'%')
Relative Humidity 100%